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To the Woman wiping her face & Collecting her Broken Pieces: A Gentle Reminder/Encouraging Word

Heeeeyy sis,

I see you.

Bloodshot eyes from another unexpected and unwelcomed wave of emotion that leaves the pit of your stomach feeling pangs similar to starvation... or maybe it is actually starvation since you've forgotten to feed yourself.

I see you.

Taking three times your regular amount of selfies, wearing a smile that (to the untrained eye) screams, "I'm living my best life!", but to the trained eye, is a cry for help and attempt to transfer the pain of your soul into your clenched teeth.

I see you.

Posting subliminal meme after cryptic quote in hopes of receiving some kind of affirmation for feeling as low as you do.

I see you.

Trying to scan through every fragment of every memory to figure out what you did or didn't do, said or didn't say, to be dealt the hand that lays in front of you; to be done wrong. To be disrespected. To be violated.

Sis. Stop it. PLEASE! No matter what the circumstances,


You are enough. You're just the right size, if that size is healthy and brings you joy. Big booty Judy or Pancake Patty, sis your frame is magical! Your modesty is a commodity. The level of ownership of your sexuality is to be admired and commended. You are not a nag. You're assertive and you have standards (as you should). You're not too reserved. You own an intellect that resounds beyond the basic ear's comprehension.

Baby you're the chair, bed, AND porridge Little Red Riding Hood was fiendin' for: JUST RIGHT!

So go on and let that last tear drop beautiful, but make sure it's the last you shed in regard to questioning your value or your worth. Wipe your face. Let your tribe come through to help you find your missing pieces, quilt them back together through conversation, and make you a hot meal in the process. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself,

"I'm priceless. I love ME. I value ME. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH."

...until you start to believe yourself or at least crack a smile at how crazy you may feel or look at the moment and just remember sis...

I SEE YOU. I LOVE YOU. And this too will certainly pass.


Your Sister who overcame the same.

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