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The Rule of 5, For Women Who Lead

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Is the issue really worth your effort and energy?

My biggest takeaway from an interesting day at work: All information received and provided is constructed. This statement gave me so much necessary peace. People will provide you with bits and pieces of maybe factual information that suits their stance on or in the matter. Any and all information you might ingest is slathered down in someone else's point of view, opinion, and/or bias on the matter, whether they purposely skew all of the facts or not.

Take The First Five

This is something crucial to understand when deliberating on whether or not, or even how much of your energy to give to someone when they come to you with information that may impact your life. When I say "impact your life", I mean change your emotional thermostat or determine your course of action. Remember to ask yourself these 5 vital questions:

  1. Who is bringing you this information?

  2. What are they bringing to you?

  3. How was this information constructed and from what sources?

  4. What was or could have possibly been the motive of the author of the original source/sources?

  5. How did this constructed information effect the messenger?

All five of these questions should be asked internally before you expend your precious energy or allow your peace to be compromised.

Here's Why

It's natural to automatically respond through the emotion conjured up from whatever has infiltrated your olfactory senses, but you lose more than you gain from this. You lose your power. You release light that will take time to regain. You can say something or do something that puts you in a position of regret. You can negatively impact your emotional core, which can transcend into how you feel mentally and physically. Do you see the magnitude of loss you can experience? Think of what you will gain/maintain from asking yourself those 5 simple questions before you respond. If you come to the conclusion that the information is skewed, yet it has rocked the messenger's emotional core, you can consistently respond (if you so choose) with love and understanding. This assists you in maintaining your power and peace. I mean come on, do you really want to be in a pissy state when you're on the path to sunshine and roses? Heck no! (unless you're some kind of masochist), so don't allow it.

Now to Multiply

If that's not enough here's another 5 to think about. If it won't effect you 5 years from now, don't give the information/situation more than 5 minutes of your energy. Being a boss, being a woman, being a lady, takes more effort and energy than any other occupation under the sun. Protect ad preserve ladies. Peace and Love.

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