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Spring Cleaning: Space and Place

So you part ways.

One of you stays, while the other moves out and moves on. You awake one morning, roll over and notice that the smell of them is permeating through your freshly washed pillowcases, so you hop out of bed, shake it off, and open a drawer only to find a random t-shirt that doesn't belong to you. You grab what you need and walk down the hallway that's tagged and tatted with remnants of what once was, hanging on your walls. The icing on the cake? That toothbrush you know good and well he could've tossed on the way out, is still nestled comfy cozy in the holder on your sink. That's when it hits you. You've been left to do the physical cleaning and most concerning...

What the heck are you going to do with all of this... stuff?

Well sis, I know that Spring cleaning of your space is no easy feat, especially if you have children, but let's talk about some options. First, let's sit down and make a mean cleaning machine playlist. Everyone has their fave motivational tracks and in this situation, mine was Diana Ross's "It's My House". If you've never heard it, I highly suggest you check it out. Anyway, this type of cleansing can get sticky with children. All the family photos and the "daddy spaces and items" can be a bit harder for the kids to release. My suggestion? Get a nice size tote box and sit them down. Be real with your children. Let them know that you're all moving forward and that you now want your home to represent this new chapter in all of your lives. Explain that the tote box is for them to store any of those precious mementos that they may want to keep for the future. If they desire to keep any of those small items in their rooms, as hard as it may be for you, let them. You broke up. They did not. Yes this can be a joint venture and it definitely cuts down on the time it takes.

I must first say, to those of you who have a childless household, this isn't any easier and I salute you. Sometimes children can be the greatest distraction and motivator when Spring cleaning and I honestly don't know what I would've done without mine. Ok ladies. Take a deep breath and pull out those large black trash bags. Some may completely disagree with what I'm about to say next, but I'm a firm believer in passing on energy so this is my suggestion:

If it makes you vibe low. It's got to go.

Those shirts you used to swipe to sleep in, that pillow he laid his head on every night, the washcloth and towel he used regularly, anything he left in the closet? Toss it. This may sound crazy and I can tell you from experience, it may make you ugly cry, but the feeling of release and peace that comes after trash pick up will be worth it. Once the physical items are gone the fun and less painful part can start. Now that you've cleared out your physical space, spruce it up. Always wanted to paint your bedroom that color you two couldn't agree on? Do it now. Change up those drapes. Find a new candle scent to fall in love with. Rearrange the furniture. Put some chair covers in your cart... we all know you're online shopping. Open up your windows and let the sage burn.

This process could take just one day or maybe a couple weeks. Take the time you need. but don't deny yourself the treat. Many of us are stuck in the house right now anyway. May as well, make the best of it and fill your space and place with the fresh scent of newness. Cheers to you.

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