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The Mother With the Community Purse

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Do you remember that mother, who had that big purse, which seemed to somehow have every essential item necessary to survive and traverse through this thing called life? A bobby pin to hold your hair in place; a safety pin to close a slit too long on your skirt, or to make discrete your cleavage. A tissue packet for your tears or snotty nose. A band aid to protect a cut and a peppermint to sweeten your breath. We need those mothers with those purses now, more than ever these days.

I know from my proverbial purse, I have fished around in it and pulled out encouragement, patience, confidence and inspiration for those who were unsure, afraid and emotionally defeated and deflated. At times I've reached in and pulled out wads of sound advice, guidance and honest feedback to those looking to find their way. I have handed out pieces of love, laughter, joy and positivity to sweeten those hard, bitter and troubling times. Then there were those moments, where I've reached deep inside my purse, and lifted a song or prayer to mend the wounded and brokenhearted...

To all those mothers out there, what do you have in your purses, and how are you using it to help and transform the lives of your families, communities and the world?

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