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Happy ANDiversay!

Today, I’ve allowed myself to feel, all the feels.

I do wish I were celebrating one year down and forever to go with a partner, HOWEVER I am happy to be celebrating my personal rebirth.

I wish him the best in all of his endeavors. Honestly! I pray that one day we’re able to be cordial; not friends. I don’t care for him to be my friend. Just cordial.

I forgive myself, legit a daily process BECAUSE I realize something different about myself daily; sometimes it’s things I don’t like and I don’t shy away from them. I’m working on correcting what I can and praying about what I can’t. One the thing I’ve learned to adore about myself is my endurance. Nah, I mean energizer has NOTHING on me! What I’ve also learned about that component of my personality is that I DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO KEEP GOING! Sometimes it’s perfectly ok to realize this isn’t a good look before I’m completely invested. It’s ok to ask questions, several, millions when I’m considering partnering in any aspect. I can back out, break the contract, say NO all at the expense of my sanity! It’s no longer up for discussion, debate, or in exchange for any portrait of happiness. I genuinely love and enjoy me. I don’t need to say flaws n all because they add to who I am. I am taking my time with me. Learning what I really realllllly want and what I absolutely cannot and will not accept.

So here’s to the 1st year, and forever to go, of me loving, truly loving me, the way I’ve loved others for far too long.

You’re amazing and I’m proud of you beautiful. Keep learning, enjoying, discovering and loving you! Nobody can like you can, trust me😘💛😘

Happy ANDiversary


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I love you!!!

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