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Advice For Those Contemplating Your Next Major Move

Here is a message in a bottle for those who are stuck at a proverbial fork on the road to better:

Betwixt the shore -

absent of shade -

and the ebb and flow of the tide,

stands I.

Scorched skin,

feet in

soaked sand


covered and cool, but...

I can't seem to find

the gumption to submerge myself fully.

Don't be me.

Don't allow fear to

scorch your purpose

because the tide ahead seems


Believe in your ability to


Believe in the stamina

your hard work has created.

Dive into your dream.

Do you not feel

how refreshing those little waves of success are

as they softly,


sweep at your feet?

Look down.

As you allow fear to lock you in,

my friend,

you are slowly sinking.


Being buried.

Buried by

fear of failure,

before you even allow yourself to get

knee deep in what will

propel you to your destiny.

Don't be me.

Just dive in and

swim. When you grow weary

flip on your back and


Never allow yourself to drown

don't lose hope...

Swan dive and get to swimming.

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