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A Note to the Man who Stepped Up For My Children

Dear Heart,

When we first started our journey together, I was quite adamant that I was not looking for a father for my children because they had one. I was verbal in making this clear. I never wanted you to feel like I was searching for someone to play dad for my babies because I really believed that that wouldn’t be necessary. I simply wanted to build something with you for me. You responded in kind; a smile and an “okay.”

Time went by and the need changed. You had a front row seat to the struggles my babies and I were facing, put down your proverbial bucket of popcorn and picked up the mantle. You made it your business to give me reprieve when you would see me drowning in giving my all to them and the rest of the world. From telling me to leave the house for some me time, to taking them out for man time, making midnight runs for medicine when they would randomly get sick, giving them culturally enriching experiences, bike riding lessons, investing in their mental health when you saw it was starting to unravel as well… I thank you.

You stepped all the way up, without me ever saying a word. You have always taken care of every single child you claim as your responsibility and they are many in number. You are as dedicated to your bonus children as you are to the children you created, raised, and are still raising. You’ve stepped up to fill in the gaps at parent meetings, school programs, and games… always cheering them on. You show these children what it means to be responsible, accountable, and consistently active and I thank you for it. You provide the balance that they need. When I had them, I firmly believed that two stable parents were essential to raising stable children. You have shown me that my thought process was correct. You are the ear they ring with thoughts and questions they won’t share with me. You are the voice of reason when I’m ready to go off on them; their blanket of protection.

You have made me completely understand the trendy title “Stepped Up Dad” and if anyone deserves it, you do. I honor, love, and applaud you, today, yesterday, and forevermore.


Your thankful partner for life

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