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Hi! I'm Quiana

Thank you for coming through.  I am a late 30's something wearing too many hats to count.

My life is story in the making, as I'm sure yours is too.  I'm currently preparing to go back to college for my Doctorate in teaching and curriculum, while teaching High school ELA.  I have a heart for all children and feel like they deserve a system that will actually teach them, not just train them.  I am the biological mother of two young sons and also the bonus mom to countless youth.  I currently run Quintessence Services, which provides editing for all sorts of written works and tutoring services focused around literacy and ELA.  I am also a sister, a daughter, a divorcee, a lover, and a friend.

My goal is to show all women that you are not alone on this journey and provide a safe space where we can talk about all the facets of being WOMAN.

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